Who Am I?
I am an Artist, Designer, Researcher, Photographer, and Film maker, but above all I am an individual who needs to create.

What am I interested in? 
I am interested in the individual’s relationship to both culture and nature. Primarily I am interested in how I relate to ‘things,’ through either sense or thought. I am then interested how such 'thing's inter-relate and how I can express this inter-relationship.

What do I do? 
I Follow strands of thought, in an aim to understand the complex relationships between 'things', trying to create playful spaces that bridge both the real and abstract.

Why have I created this website?
Within our new digital world, cultural structures are in a state of flux mainly due to the fact that means of production and distribution are changing so drastically. This website is intended to act as a testing ground for myself as a creative individual within these new cultural waters. I hope to create a multimedia or should I say ‘unimedia’ space that grows from a mixture of disciplines such as Journalism, Fine Art, Media, Film etc. Thereby allowing me the freedom to inter-relate any ‘thing’ I need to.