What is Building Blocks?
Building Blocks is an ongoing research project exploring how creative ideas can be developed across multiple disciplines by finding visual relationships between different images.

Why is Building Blocks important? What do I hope to achieve?
To deal with the numerous challenges that face us at the start of the 21st Century (whether they be to do with Climate Change, Education, Regeneration, or Social Integration etc) we need to be creative, and re-examine how our culture operates and how we perceive the world. The world has radically changed over the last 50 years. People are far more visually aware than previous generations, in large due to the abundance of media that we view on a daily basis. As well as this people are now also far quicker to adapt to new ideas and new ways of working due to the speed at which technology enables us to work. Building Blocks has been created in relation to these changes. It is intended to act as a continually evolving visual space which isn’t confined or defined by any single cultural classification but which instead evolves solely through the development of visual relationships. Thereby allowing new and unexpected ‘things’ to evolve, whilst also creating a space that engages with a wide cross section of society. Allowing them to explore the relationship they share with the images and view the role they play within society with fresh eyes.