acwood Kandinsky and Postmodernism



How do Kandinsky’s theories on the expression of the spiritual through abstraction relate to the present postmodern media saturated digital age?


Does the media saturated world create the perfect vessel for the expression of the inner emotion by letting the pure intensity of the medium express its emotions? Or are we within a meaningless hyper real existence where the individual has become a drone lost within the mechanized noise of the spectacle?

At its heart, my dissertation is about how individuals express themselves through visual forms. To explore this I am going to use three individuals who have used /do use abstraction as a form of expression, Wassily Kandinsky, a modernist painter, who devoted most of his adult life in the pursuit of an unfettered art in which artist’s would be free to express their inner emotions, Nick Knight, a contemporary fashion photographer, whose work has appeared in such magazines as the Face, I.D., and Vogue, and Jeremy Blake, a fine artist, whose work is internationally recognised and shown in galleries such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Feigen Contemporary New York, and Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot Paris.

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