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Synopsis:Inspired by the writings of Virginia Wolf 12/08/04-10/03/06 is a book which documents my inner thoughts between the 12/08/04 to the 10/03/06 in which my mother contracted and died of cancer. Through this traumatic period of my life I had been actively working within my personal note books on many diverse ideas which cover a broad spectrum of interests including architecture, children’s Illustration, photography, documentary video, music video, abstract painting and sculpture. The book is a chance to see the connections which exist between these diverse subjects and how they bear relevance to what is happening within my personal life and how my personal life relates to wider issues within culture.

Key Refrences: Virginia Woolf - Mrs Dalloway, Darren Almond - If I Had You, Chris Marker - Sans Soleil.

Essay: Whilst making 12/08/04-10/03/06 I wrote a short essay which explored the effect Darren Almonds Video installation ‘If I Had You’ had upon me and the relation I drew between it and the writings of Virginia Woolf. To view this essay as a PDF file click here.

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i wish i had mum and dad
pixel family the sky and me
kate and jess at the pub happy birthday from the bears
barn mum and me
me at my desk together
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